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70% Hege-Haus Breeding

May 24, 2017

Maggie vom Trocken Bach 0139/14

(Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof x Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach)

Maggie on point in Germany, 2016

Derby Prize 1(j) (Walla Walla at 6 months), Derby Prize 1(Switzerland), Derby Prize 1 (Zuchensieger DK Klub Südbaden), Solms Prize 1 (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), VGP 1 – 324 Points (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), BTR, VBR, HN, HD Frei A2, Fw: V1. Maggie was the V4 Female at the 2016 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung.

Maggie had remarkable success in her education in Germany with Mr. Siegfried Hofstetter as the leader. She completed the Derby, Solms, and VGP before the age two years old. In conformation classes Maggie was the V1 hündin at DK Klub Südbaden. At the 2016 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung, Maggie was the V4 Female from seventy-four participating. Mr. Hofstetter, considered to be the best leader in Germany, has stated that Maggie is a very special hündin with tremendous drive and great potential.

Maggie is the daughter of Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach 0116/10, (Quickstep vom Hege-Haus x Rosemarie KS vom Hege-Haus) Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1 (4h water work with the live duck), VGP Prize 1 (336 pts – 4h water work with the live duck, Winner of the Search at the Klub Rheinland VGP in Düboslar, Germany), BTR, VBR, 2012 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung KS (perfect scores), HD-A2, HN, Fw: V3. Dakota, like her mother Rosemarie KS vom Hege-Haus, never received a score less than perfect during her testing career.

Atlanta KS vom Hege-Hof in Germany, 2007

Indy is the daughter of Atlanta KS vom Hege-Hof 0977/05, (Dagobert vom Hege-Haus x Rosemarie KS vom Hege-Haus) Derby Prize 1 (4h search), Solms Prize 1 (4h nose, 4h search, 4h water work with the live duck), VGP Prize 1 (334 pts – 4h search, 4h water work with the live duck, Winner of the Search at the Klub Rheinland VGP in Düboslar, Germany), IKP Prize 1(Claus Kiefer Award winner at the 2007 IKP – 4h nose, 4h pointing, 4h water work), BTR, VBR, 2008 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung KS (perfect scores with a 4h in the water search), HDO, HN.

Uno KS vom Mausberg 0518/10

(Opasso vom Maüsberg x Meike vom Thuringer Zipfel)

Uno on point in Germany, 2014

Derby Prize 1, HZP 178, Solms Prize 1, VGP Prize 1, SW2, IKP 2, HN, HD-A1, Fw. V, Uno received a perfect score at the 2014 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung and was the V5 male in the Zuchtschau at the Kleemann.

The Judge’s report from the Kleemann states: Field work: the dog shows in the first search well planned search with very good speed, good head position and correct contact in the wind. In the second search he finds a rabbit he presides and without command the game is acknowledged. In the course of further search he comes to the hare track that he is again acknowledges. Further search is wide and dynamics continued. In the third search in the beet is the same image. With good space allocation to the edges the search continues. In the fourth search the male searches hard for and pointed a pheasant. After the shot he did not move.

Water work: the male took to the water with one command. When searching without duck Rüde immediately went to the opposite shore and searched intensively the entire lake. In the search with the duck, after crossing the open water area the Rüde searches for and produces the duck. The dog catches the duck and brings it to the leader. A dead duck is thrown into the water retrieving and delivery of the duck was correct.

Uno is a very stately young male that is just started his breeding career in Germany. He is 48% Hege-Haus and provides a perfect opportunity for an outcross with our Hege-Haus females. When we saw him at the Kleemann he caught our eye. It was impossible to watch the ring when they were placing the top males and not notice him. His performance record during his education speaks for itself. We felt at the time that he would be a good cross with Indy.

The pups will be approximately 70% Hege-Haus. This breeding includes some of the best Zwingers in the DKV – vom Mausberg, vom Asseburg, von der Jydebek, vom Thüringer Zipfel, and von der Hansaburg. This should be a very interesting litter with all of the recognized colors – Brown, Brown & White, Black, and Black & White.

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