Rosemarie KS vom Hege-Haus

Rosemarie KS vom Hege-Haus 0189/02

Jogurt KS vom Hege-Haus x Begum KS vom Hege-Haus

D1, S1, VGP1 (324 pts/full points), VBR, HDO, HN, 2004 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung KS, Fw: SG. Rosemarie successfully pasted her Derby, Solms, VGP, and the Kleemann examinations with all “4’s” (perfect scores). She completed the Kleemann at 33 months of age. Jogurt KS vom Hege-Haus has sired many excellent dogs and was sold during the 2006 Kleemann to a breeder in Spain. Begum KS vom Hege-Haus was the mother of the “R” litter, tested with great success in Germany.

The following are the judge’s comments from the 2004 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung:

Water: The dog convinces in the water with an independent and far browse work. The floating trace was supposed very well and was worked with success. The duck found in the reed became cleanly retrieved and correctly delivered. Field: In the field, the dog in all that which is sought gears showed was able to show a wide-ranging, methodical search with best nose leadership, at the same time it repeatedly at the rabbit and at chickens elegant board of directors achievements. The obedience with and without wild contact was flawless. KS existed.

Rosemarie is the mother of Atlanta vom Hege-Hof, our young female, who by the age of 17 ½ months, while being tested in Germany, past her Derby 1, Solms 1 (with 4h’s in Search, Pointing, Water work -search behind the duck), VGP Prize 1 (334 pts) and was the Search winner at the Rhineland Club VGP in Dürboslar, Germany. Her success at the 2007 IKP was unparalleled receiving a perfect score and three 4h’s marking here the Claus Kiefer Award for the top dog at the examination out of 198 entries from around the world.

Rosemarie is Marianne’s personal hunting dog and is a real pleasure to hunt over. “Rosie” hunts in the open fields with a perfect pattern and is an unbelievable game finder. In dense cover she is methodical and very thorough. You can be assured when Rosie has finished searching an area the game has been found.