Aurora vom Trocken Bach

DOB – March 14, 2022
Height – 63 cm Weight – 65 lbs

Aurora vom Trocken Bach 0568/22
(Ede KS vom Ӓhrenfeid x Wildrose vom Trocken Bach)

Aurora, 2023

Derby Prize 1* (Nose 4h, Search 4h, Pointing 4h, and an Andreas-Star); Solms Prize 1; Härtenachweis (HN). Fw: SG (j); V1

Aurora is a stunningly beautiful hündin with substance, great passion, tremendous prey drive, and captivating personality. Aurora has a tremendous nose, desire, passion, and a phenomenal understanding of the hunt for a young dog.

At the Derby, Aurora demonstrated ability far exceeding her age. Her search was far advanced for a Derby dog. Not only was it spacious and methodical, but it was also well thought out leaving no gaps in the field. Aurora demonstrated her understanding of the hunt during three separate searches covering very different terrain and conditions. Most impressive was the fact that during all searches and conditions she followed her excellent noise which led her to the game. When accessing her performance and justify her receiving a 4h for Nose. 4h for Search, and 4h for Pointing the judges wrote:

Aurora, 2023
  • Nose – consistent and proper use of nose into the wind in various hunting situations and terrain.
    Dog demonstrated experienced and intelligent use of nose beyond her age throughout all search
  • Search – Consistent, intelligent, and expansive search. Demonstrated strong desire to find game. Always searching into the wind leaving no holes in the field.
  • Pointing – The dog approached from the downwind side of the bird and carefully moved forward showing excellent manners in front of moving game.

Aurora also shined at her Zuchtschau, at fourteen months of age she was rated as the “V1“ Adult Female. Ursulla Scria, SZR from Muensing, Germany, stated Aurora is:

a Noble female with balance and harmonious appearance, with much substance; Brown Schimmel, with patches, with excellent dark pigment and erect posture; Female head, with ideal muzzle, nose with slight arch, broad and appropriate set of ears all enhances her appearance; Very dry neck; Topline smooth and correct;Croup broad, slightly slanting, and well-muscled; Tail set correct, tail carried proudly; Forechest correct; Underline correct and elegant with long sternum; Frame and angulation correct; Fore legs straight, parallel, and well positioned, pasterns and pads correct; View from behind shows the hindquarters are straight, parallel, with substance and strong bones; Overall movement of the dog is correct and harmonious. Tempermant – Balanced and reliable, with much character.

At the Solms, under the most challenging weather conditions one could imagine, Aurora again performed beyond her years. With far less preperation than she deserved (her training stopped in early September as we were preparing the two NAKP dogs for that examination) Aurora performed her tasks almost flazwlessley and received a Solms Prize 1.

Aurora’s Mother is: Wildrose vom Trocken Bach 0772/19

(Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel x Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach)

Wildrose, February 2022

Derby Prize 1(DK Klub Schieswig-Holstein in Germany); Solms Prize 1 (DK Klub Schieswig-Holstein in Germany); VGP Prize 1 – 316 pts (Suchensieger DK Klub Schieswig-Holstein in Germany); NAKP Prize 1/136 pts (perfect score); Härtenachweis (HN); BTR; VBR; HD Frei A2.Fw: V1 x 2 including V1 Female at the ’23 NAKP.

Wildrose is a very beautiful hündin with substance, great passion, and tremendous prey drive. Wildrose has a wonderful personality and is a great testing and hunting dog. She has proven to be very passionate and dependable in the field, water, and on the blood track. We look forward to many years of companionship and hunting with her.

Wildrose in training for the 2023 NAKP

At the 2023 NAKP Wildrose was led by Marianne O’Leary, a first-time handler. Wildrose received a Prize 1/136 ps. (perfect score). Additionally, she was rated as the V1 Female by a panel of four SZR judges (three from Germany and one from North America (all four are regular SZRs at the Kleemann).

At the Walla Walla Fall Zuchtschau in 2022, SZR Jeff Martin evaluated Wildrose. Jeff stated, “Wildrose is an overall high-quality female, with excellent dark pigment and very dark eyes, an eligent female, with an excellent female head, excellent placement and angulations back and front, excellent reach and drive, and calm temperment. Wildrose was rated as the V1 Adult Female.

Thorsten Bäte, Wildrose’s German Leader stated, “Wildrose is a very good trainable dog. Her cooperation, use of nose, great pointing desire, coupled with her tremendous passion, makes her a hunting companion to rely on. In addition to her beauty her kindness with people and other dogs is noticeable immediately. She gets along with everyone, dogs, and people alike.

Aurora’s Father is: Ede KS vom Ährenfeld 0782/17

(Frisko Thüringer Zipfel x Nadja KS von der Donau-Wirbein)

Ede from Ährenfeld

Derby Prize 1 (DK Klub Weser Ems), Solms Prize 1 (Pointing 4h, (DK Klub Westphalia), VGP 1 – 325 Points (JGV Klub Wittlage), IKP Prize 1 (Search 4h, overall evaluation of 215 dogs, 5th place, performance mark), 2022 Dr. Kleemann Prüfund KS, Btr, Vbr, HN, HD Frei A2, Fw: Sg1 (youth class DK Klub Westphalia), Sg1 (youth class DK Klub Weser Ems), V1 (adult class DK KlubWestphalia), Ede was the V1 male at the 2019 IKP from 94 males and was in the Top 10 males at the 2022 Kleemann.

Ede is a noble and strikingly good looking male. His presentence and majestic silhouette draw your eye to him immediately. When you have the opportunity to see him in the field you are equally impressed.

Ede had a very impressive education career in Germany with Holger Hensel as his owner/leader. Holger made the following observation about Ede, “Ede is a male with focus on the field and in the water work. I love his searching style with a high nose and the best protrusion, as well as his pronounced predatory game hardness. He has brought flawless puppies up to now, although he is not available for every bitch. The offspring in my kennel according to the management fully meet my expectations.”